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We offer several types of individualized Parent Training therapies that focus on what parents and caregivers can do differently to help improve their child’s emotional or behavioral challenges.  Depending on the type of training, children may or may not attend these sessions, though they remain the identified client and the focus of the treatment.  Parent Training can occur in lieu of child individual sessions or simultaneously.

Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE)

SPACE is an evidence-based treatment program that works with parents to address childhood or adolescent anxiety and/or OCD. SPACE uses a structured approach to increase effective support (a combination of acceptance and confidence) while reducing family accommodation. This treatment focuses on how parents can change their own actions which inadvertently may be maintaining their child’s anxiety. When parents adjust what is in their control, children learn to find their own independent solutions and increase their ability to tolerate anxious emotions. Treatment typically lasts about 12 weeks.

Parent Management Training (PMT)

PMT is an evidence-based program for children ages 2 to 17. Parents learn skills to more effectively manage their child’s challenging behaviors such as tantrums, non-compliance, trouble with daily routines, sibling rivalry, and lying. The model uses a structured system of positive reinforcement to address behaviors or habits that may be contributing to negative interactions.  During the sessions, the therapist teaches and models skills.  Parents then practice these skills both in session and at home between meetings.  Parents are usually seen without their child present, although the child may be asked to participate at designated times. Families usually participate in at least 9 sessions.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

PCIT is an evidence-based program for children ages 2.5 to 6 years old with behavioral, social, and emotional challenges. Parents receive live coaching of skills with their child in sessions to strengthen the parent-child relationship, increase positive behaviors, and decrease problem behaviors with clear and effective behavior management strategies. Parents report improvements in parenting stress after completing PCIT. Treatment continues until graduation goals are met and typically lasts 16 to 20 sessions with consistent attendance.

Integrated Parenting Program for Caregivers of Children with ADHD

This evidence-based program integrates gold standard behavioral parent training and cognitive-behavioral strategies for caregiver stress. This combined approach (1) helps caregivers effectively support their child with ADHD; and (2) helps them effectively manage stress. When parents feel effective as caregivers, their mood/stress level improves. When parents’ mood/stress management improves, they are able to effectively and consistently implement parenting strategies. Both areas are important and influence each other. The full program has nine modules (one to two sessions for each module) and sessions can be tailored for a family’s goals and needs. The integrated program is for caregivers of children with ADHD and disruptive behaviors ages 6 to 12.