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Resilience Builder Program (RBP)® and Specialty Groups

The 2024 Fall Semester generally begins between mid to late September and early October and continues through mid-January.

Registration Deadline

We offer priority registration to those already enrolled in our groups. For those enrolled in our Spring or Summer groups, we typically offer a period of priority registration and then open enrollment to those on our wait-list. To be added to our wait-list, please contact our intake coordinator at 301-593-6554 x23.

If you need a Fall registration form, please click here to print a copy: Fall Registration Form.  A nonrefundable deposit as well as the completed and signed registeration form is required to secure a place in group. PLEASE NOTE: For those new to our groups, an intake is required prior to registration. See FAQ question #6.

The schedule below is for Fall 2024. The schedule is subject to change, as a minimum enrollment of three or four (3 or 4) registrants per group is required for all groups to begin.  Youth are grouped by age and gender.  We also offer groups for youth who are high functioning but have symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other social impairments.  These groups are co-ed and listed as ASD.


Clinician Gender Group Type Grades Day Time Location Platform 
TBDAll RBP K-1 Sat 9:15 AM Chevy Chase In-person 
TBDAll RBP K-1 Sat 10:20 AM Chevy Chase In-person 
Kramer-Kuhn All RBP 1-2 Wed 4:15 PM Rockville In-person 
Kramer-Kuhn All RBP 1-2 Wed 5:30 PM Rockville In-person 
Linas All RBP 2-3 Tue4:30 PM RockvilleIn-person 
Weinstock All RBP 2-3 Sat 9:00 AM Chevy Chase In-person 
Myerberg All RBP 3-4 Tues6:00 PMRockville In-person 
Malesa Girls RBP 3-4 Mon 4:45 PM Chevy Chase In-person 
Malesa Boys RBP 3-4 Mon 5:45 PM Chevy Chase In-person 
Weinstock All RBP 3-4 Sat 10:15 AM Chevy Chase In-person 
Watson Boys RBP 4-5 Tues 4:30 PM Rockville In-person 
Malesa All RBP 4-5 Wed 4:45 PM Chevy Chase In-person 
Myerberg All RBP 4-5 Mon4:45 PM Rockville In-person 
Lewis-Morrarty All RBP 7-8 Mon 5:40 PM Chevy Chase In-person 
Lewis-Morrarty All RBP 6-7 Mon 4:35 PM Chevy Chase In-person 
Malesa All RBP 6-8 Tue 4:15 PM Chevy Chase In-person 
Loffredo All RBP (ASD) 6-8 Thurs 4:30 PM Rockville Hybrid 
Weinstock All CBT for Anxiety 1 7-9 Thurs 5:00 PM Chevy Chase In-person 
Yutzy All RBP 9-11 Thurs 6:20 PM Chevy Chase In-person 
Loffredo All RBP (ASD) 9-12 Thurs 5:30 PM Rockville Hybrid 
Lewis-Morrarty All  Teen Mindfulness2 9-12 Tues 4:30 PM Chevy Chase In-person 
Myerberg All CBT for Anxiety 1 9-12 Thu 5:45 PM Rockville Hybrid 
Yutzy Boys  RBP 10-12 Thurs 5:15 PM Chevy Chase In-person 
Loffredo All RBP (ASD) Young Adults Thu 6:30 PM Rockville Hybrid 
Carmichael SPACE  Parents Group 1-12  (ages 7-17) Wed 12:15 PM N/A Virtual 
Cummings/Linas Emotion Detectives 3 3-4 3-4 TBD TBD Rockville Hybrid 

1 CBT for Anxiety will meet for 8-10 sessions in the fall.

2 Teen Mindfulness Group for Anxious, Stressed, or Depressed Teens (8 sessions, 1.5 hr. per session).

3 Emotion Detectives Group [Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders in Children (UP-C)]

In-person groups will be meeting in-person for all sessions, with the potential to change pending CDC guidelines.

Hybrid groups will have 2-3 virtual sessions on specific weeks when parents can join, with the potential to change pending CDC guidelines.

Virtual groups will always meet via Zoom.

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