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Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE) Virtual Group

The SPACE group is a 10-session treatment program conducted via Zoom that works with parents to address childhood or adolescent anxiety and/or OCD.  The SPACE approach has been rigorously tested in clinical trials and found to be effective. While the child is the patient, it is the parent who attends the therapy sessions, learning to identify family accommodations that may inadvertently be contributing to their child’s anxiety.  Accommodations are actions that you as a parent are doing, or not doing, due to your child’s anxiety (e.g. sleeping near your child who fears nighttime, limiting going out at night or only hiring one particular babysitter, continually answering your child’s anxious questions, giving repeated reassurance that nothing bad will happen, emailing teachers when your child is very stressed about homework).  Group sessions will teach parents how to change their actions to reduce their child’s anxiety.  Participants will practice these skills in a personalized way in-between sessions.

Group topics include:

  • Supporting your child effectively
  • Identifying accommodations
  • Choosing accommodations to target
  • How to inform your child of changes
  • Developing a plan for reducing the accommodations
  • Handling your child’s reactions
  • Recruiting and engaging supporters

Families new to the practice must first complete an intake (virtual or in-person) where both parent(s) and child are present.

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