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We practice cognitive behavioral therapy to address a number of psychological and emotional concerns.

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is offered for adults, adolescents and children. The approach of the therapist is designed to suit the needs of each individual, and to be continually shaped by the therapist and client together. It should be noted that individual therapy for children and adolescents is most often combined with parent consultation and/or family therapy, in which parents and children participate together.

Parent Training

We offer several types of individualized Parent Training therapies that focus on what parents and caregivers can do differently to help improve their child’s emotional or behavioral challenges. Depending on the type of training, children may or may not attend these sessions, though they remain the identified client and the focus of the treatment. Parent Training can occur in lieu of child individual sessions or simultaneously.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy allows youth to practice social and therapeutic skills in a supportive and engaging environment. Alvord, Baker & Associates offers the opportunity for youth to enroll in our Resilience Builder Program®, which applies a cognitive behavioral framework to build social competence, self-regulation, and numerous other skills.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is offered to build family connection and communication, and to provide opportunities to practice new ways of relating within a safe and supportive environment. Family therapy recognizes that any adversity that is impacting one member of a family is almost always impacting the entire family.