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This integrated program includes both effective parenting skills AND coping and self-care skills for parents in each session


Are you experiencing frustration as a parent? Does your child throw temper tantrums? Do you hear yourself repeating instructions and commands over and over, and eventually give up? Do you miss the positive relationship you used to have with your child? Do you strive for feeling empowered in your parenting approach?

You are not alone.

Your child did not come with a manual, but we do know what works for kids with non-compliance, negative behavior, and difficulty following the rules. Join us for a 14-week parent group for a skills-based approach to resetting the tone at home. We will follow a cutting-edge evidence-based curriculum from Drs Chronis-Tuscano, O’Brien and Danko, to help you restore predictability, consistency and positive interactions with your child.

In our meetings we will focus on two important things: (1) helping you to be and feel effective in your role as a parent; and (2) helping you manage your stress and take care of yourself. When you feel effective as a parent, your mood/ stress level improves. When your mood/ stress management and self- care improve, you are able to be a more effective parent. Both of these areas are important and influence each other!

When? Thursdays 7:30-9:00pm.

Where? 90 min sessions will be online, via secure, HIPAA compliant Zoom link

Who should participate? Parents (partners and single parents) with children age 7-10.

Cost per session: $210 per couple; $155 for individual parent

Curriculum will be drawn from research of Chronis-Tuscano, O’Brien & Danko

Sessions will be led by Sue Wilson, PhD

Space is limited and registration and intake session are required.

For more information, please contact Sue Wilson, at or 301.563.6554×15