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Selective Mutism Weekly Group Offerings, Parent Groups, and Half-Day Intensives

Weekly groups and half-day intensives are great opportunities for the building of brave speech and social interaction in a safe and fun environment. All of our participants receive a 1:1 counselor trained in our approach. Our groups are led by either Dr. O’Brien or Dr. Raggi and all utilize the PCIT-SM approach. We are currently running both child and adolescent groups and will be starting a preschool group. We also often form practice dyads with same age peers as needed. For more information, please call our intake coordinator at 301-593-6554, x23.
  • Weekly Groups (8 week semester)

    Children meet together to practice brave talking with other children and adults. Each child has a one-to-one counselor.
    • Child Group (ages 4 to 8): Mondays 4:45pm-5:45pm, starting April 8, 2019   Click here for Child Group registration form: PDF
    • Adolescent Group (ages 11 to 15): Mondays 6:00pm-7:00pm, starting April 8, 2019    Click here for Adolescent Group registration form: PDF
  • Half-Day Intensive Group (10am to 2pm)

    Children meet together to practice brave talking with other children and adults in a variety of community settings. Each child has a one-to-one counselor.  Registration form: PDF

    Sunday 12/30/18

    Monday 1/21/19

    Monday 2/18/19

    Sunday 3/24/19

    Monday 4/22/19

  • 5th Annual Cool, Confident and Courageous Kids Camp

    The first and longest running SM camp in the DC Metro Area!

    CCC Camp Intensive Program

    The CCC Kids Camp is a day camp experience designed to provide intensive behavioral treatment for children between the ages of four and thirteen who are diagnosed with selective mutism (SM) or severe social anxiety. Our goal is to support the building of the child’s confidence and success in speaking and interacting with individuals outside the home directly prior to the child’s return to school. This is an ideal time point for intervention.

    The CCC Kids Camp is a structured experience in which children participate in a variety of engaging activities including outdoor sports, arts and crafts, and music. We simulate typical classroom activities such as circle time, morning meeting, and center work. We also practice other social activities, such as checking out library books and ordering food. These activities provide children with hands on practice in verbal participation in a safe, school-like environment. Children receive rewards for their brave behavior.

    The CCC Kids Camp is modeled after the Brave Buddies Camp developed by Steve Kurtz, Ph.D.

    Camp dates: August 10 through 14, 2020.

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