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  Spring Groups

Resilience Builder Program®

Spring 2014 Groups

Dates of Group

The Spring Semester generally begins the first week of February and continues through end of May or early June.

Registration Deadline

We offer registration priority to those already enrolled in our groups. For those enrolled in our Fall 2013 groups, priority registration exists until December 21st for the Spring semester. On December 22nd, the groups are open to those on the waitlist on a first-come, first served basis.

If you need a Spring registration form, please click here to print a copy: SpringRegistration Form. (Must be submitted with the nonrefundable deposit.) PLEASE NOTE: For those new to our groups, an intake is required prior to registration. See Getting Started.

The schedule below is subject to change, as a minimum enrollment of three (3) registrants per group is required for that group to begin.

Spring 2014 Schedule (subject to change)







Berghorst Boys K-1 Saturday 10:30am Rockville
Berghorst Boys 1-2 Saturday 11:40am Rockville
O'Brien Boys 2-3 Saturday 9:15am Rockville
O'Brien Boys 2-3 Wednesday 4:30pm Rockville
Sanchez Boys 2-3 Tuesday 4:00pm Rockville
Samson Boys 3-4 Wednesday 5:00pm Rockville
Yutzy Boys 4-5 Monday 5:00pm Rockville
Alvord Boys 4-5 Saturday 9:30am Rockville
Alvord Boys 4-5 Saturday 10:40am Rockville
Alvord Boys 4-5 Thursday 4:15pm Rockville
Alvord Boys 5-6 Saturdy 11:50am Rockville
Alvord Boys 6-7 Thursday 5:20pm Rockville
Yutzy Boys Middle School Saturday 11:00am Rockville
Verratti Boys 7-8 Tuesday 6:15pm Rockville
Reiter Boys High School Thursday 5:00pm Rockville
Malesa Co-Ed K-1 Monday 4:45pm Rockville
Malesa Co-Ed ASD 1-3 ASD Saturday 11:45am Rockville
Malesa Co-Ed ASD 4-5 Asd Saturday 9:15am Rockville
Malesa Co-Ed ASD Middle School ASD Saturday 10:30am Rockville
Berghorst Girls K-1 Saturday 9:20am Rockville
Malesa Girls 2-3 Tuesday 4:45pm Rockville
O'Brien Girls 3-4 Saturday 10:30am Rockville
Sanchez Girls 4-5 Wednesday 4:00pm Rockville
Samson Girls Middle School Monday 6:00pm Rockville
Samson Girls High School Thursday 6:00pm Rockville
TBD Boys K-1 Saturday 9:30am Silver Spring
Raggi Boys 2-3 Tuesday 5:00pm Silver Spring
Carmichael Boys 3-4 Monday 4:30pm Silver Spring
Carmichael Boys 5-6 Monday 5:45pm Silver Spring
Loffredo Co-Ed ASD 1-3 ASD Saturday 9:00am Silver Spring
Loffredo Co-Ed ASD 3-5 ASD Saturday 10:10am Silver Spring
Loffredo Co-Ed ASD Middle School ASD Saturday 11:30am Silver Spring
Loffredo Co-Ed ASD High School ASD Saturday 12:40pm Silver Spring
Lewis-Morrarty Girls 4-5 Saturday 9:45am Silver Spring


Spring 2014 Schedules by Group Leader

  Dr. Alvord
Dr. Berghorst
Ms. Carmichael
Dr. Lewis-Morrarty
Dr. Loffredo
Dr. Malesa
Dr. O"Brien

Dr. Raggi
Dr. Reiter
Dr. Samson
Dr. Sanchez
Mr. Verratti
Mr. Yutzy


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