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Cool, Confident and Courageous Groups: Building Socialization Skills and Brave Speech in Children with Severe Social Anxiety and/or Selective Mutism

Alvord, Baker & Associates, LLC is pleased to offer two, 8-week groups for children with selective mutism this fall. The focus of these groups is on the continued practice and reinforcement of brave speech and social interaction with peers and adults in a fun and safe setting. The preschool/kindergarten group will be held weekly at 3:30pm on Mondays, starting on October 23rd. The 1st through 3rd grade group will be held weekly at 5:45pm on Thursdays, starting on October 19th. Groups will meet for 1 hour each session and run for 8 weeks. Groups will be held at our Chevy Chase location at 8401 Connecticut Ave., Suite 1120, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. Group rates are $100 per session. We require a $120 registration fee (which includes a $20 supply fee.) $100 of the registration fee will be applied towards payment of your final group session. For families new to our practice, children must first participate in an intake session to reinforce verbal interactions with our instructor prior to the start of group. If you would like to register, please email Dr. Veronica Raggi at or leave a detailed message with your name and contact information for Dr. Raggi at 301-593-6554, ext 57.


The CCC™ Kids Camp, which will be held in the Rockville office of Alvord, Baker & Associates, LLC, is a five-day half-day camp experience designed to provide intensive behavioral treatment for children between the ages of four and eight who are diagnosed with selective mutism (SM) and/or severe social anxiety. Our goal is to support the building of your child’s confidence and success in speaking with adults and children outside the home directly prior to their return to school. Participating in the CCC™ camp will give your child the opportunity for a more successful transition to the new school year. The dates for our 2017 Summer camp are August 21- 25, 2017 from 9:00am - 2:00pm.

The CCC™ Kids Camp is a structured experience in which children participate in a variety of engaging activities including outdoor sports, arts and crafts, and music. We also simulate typical classroom activities such as circle time, morning meeting, and center work. These activities provide children with hands on practice in verbal participation in a safe, school-like environment. Children receive individualized support, positive feedback and rewards to increase their brave behavior in anxious situations. The camp is directed by Drs. Kelly O'Brien and Veronica Raggi, two psychologists with extensive expertise in the treatment of SM. Children who are interested in participating must first meet 1:1 with Dr. O'Brien or Dr. Raggi to ensure they are a good fit for our program. If interested, please contact our intake coordinator at 301-593-6554 x23.

During the school year, we also offer half-day group opportunities in the community for continued practice with brave talking with children and adults in new settings. Please contact our intake coordinator at the number listed above for more information.

Parents of campers say that the small group and individual attention helped their children make tremendous progress in brave talking and other challenges. Parents liked the simulated classroom setting and numerous opportunities for children to generalize brave talking to a variety of activities and people. Parents reported large boosts in their children’s self-confidence after participating in the program. They feel our program is a helpful transition into the new school year!....... And children say the program is fun!

“The CCC Camp is modeled after the intensive week-long program developed by Dr. Steven Kurtz.”

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