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Resilience Builder Program®

Dates of Group

The Fall Semester generally begins between mid to late September and early October and continues through mid-January. Groups are offered at both of our locations. Please note, effective August 15th,  we will be moving from our Silver Spring location to 8401 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 1120 in Chevy Chase, MD.  Our Rockville location will continue to offer groups as well.

Registration Deadline

We offer registration priority to those already enrolled in our groups. For those enrolled in our Spring or Summer groups, priority registration exists until April 30th for the Fall semester. On May 1st, the groups are open to those on the waitlist on a first-come, first served basis. To be added to our waitlist, please contact our intake coordinator at 301-593-6554 x23.

If you need a Fall registration form, please click here to print a copy: Fall Registration Form. (Must be accompanied with the nonrefundable deposit.) PLEASE NOTE: For those new to our groups, an intake is required prior to registration. See FAQ question #6.

The schedule below is subject to change, as a minimum enrollment of three or four (3 or 4) registrants per group is required for a group to begin.  Youth are grouped by age and gender.  We also offer groups for youth who are high functioning but have symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other social impairments.  These groups are co-ed and listed as ASD.


ChisolmCoEdK-1Saturday9:00 AMChevy Chase
ShiffrinBoys2-3Saturday11:05 AMChevy Chase
WilsonBoys4-5Saturday10:40 AMChevy Chase
WatsonBoys6-7Saturday10:25 AMChevy Chase
WilsonCoEd ASD4-5Saturday9:30 AMChevy Chase
WatsonCoEd ASD4-6Saturday9:15 AMChevy Chase
MalesaCoEd ASDMiddle SchoolWednesday5:15 PMChevy Chase
LoffredoCoEd ASDMiddle SchoolThursday4:30 PMChevy Chase
LoffredoCoEd ASDHigh SchoolThursday5:30 PMChevy Chase
LoffredoCoEd ASDCollegeThursday6:30 PMChevy Chase
ShiffrinGirls2-3Saturday10:00AMChevy Chase
ChisolmGirls3-4Saturday11:00 AMChevy Chase
WilsonGirls4-5Wednesday5:00 PMChevy Chase
Lewis-MorrartyGirlsMiddle SchoolSaturday10:00 AMChevy Chase
Lewis-MorrartyGirls9-10Saturday11:15 AMChevy Chase
LinasBoys1-2Saturday10:40 AMRockville
ColladoBoys2-3Monday4:45 PMRockville
ColladoBoys2-3Sat9:30 AMRockville
AlvordBoys4-5Thursday4:30 PMRockville
AlvordBoys4-5Saturday9:20 AMRockville
AlvordBoys4-5Saturday10:30 AMRockville
AlvordBoysMiddle SchoolThursday5:35 PMRockville
AlvordBoys6-7Saturday11:40 AMRockville
YutzyBoysMiddle SchoolSaturday11:10 AMRockville
YutzyBoys9-10Saturday10:00 AMRockville
YutzyBoys11-12Thursday6:00 PMRockville
LinasCoEdK-1Saturday9:30 AMRockville
LinasCoEd ASD1-3Saturday11:50 AMRockville
CummingsGirls1-2Saturday9:20 AMRockville
ColladoGirls3-4Monday5:45 PMRockville
CummingsGirls5-6Saturday10:35 AMRockville
CummingsGirlsMiddle SchoolWednesday5:00 PMRockville

We invite all group participants ages 7-12 to participate in our research during their first full semester of RBP. For more information, click here.