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Mary Karapetian Alvord, Ph.D, and Patricia Baker, Ph.D, LCSW-C, BCD (retired February 2014) joined to form a therapy practice within a pediatrician’s office in 1983.  They shared a common value of helping adults and children improve the quality of their lives by building on their existing strengths. Their practice grew and took further shape by developing strategies that resulted in cognitive and behavioral change; working with entire families and their extended system (those who are important to the client); and maintaining consistent respect for each client’s process. In 1992, the growth of the practice necessitated a move to a larger location in Silver Spring, Maryland. Soon after, the practice began to develop and run resilience-based social competence groups for children. Initially there were two groups. Today, the practice offers more than thirty groups per semester. In 2006, a second location was established in Rockville, Maryland.

Today, Alvord Baker & Associates, LLC is known for innovation and evidence-based interventions. The practice is also a leader in the integration of technology to coordinate and enhance treatment, manage patient records and maintain a high level of staff communication. Most importantly, Alvord, Baker & Associates is a collection of engaging, creative, and highly committed therapists who continue to share the values that created this practice in 1983. Associates have been added to the practice over the years and now comprise a total of nineteen talented therapists in two offices. This team of talented psychologists and clinical social workers brings a wide range of experience. Alvord, Baker & Associates values collaboration, enabling our clients to benefit from our collective knowledge and ideas.  

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